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About Us

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Our core team are pioneers and experts in the fields of privacy, cybersecurity, and algorithmic ethics. Across our leadership team, we have experience implementing programs at Google, Twitter, Splunk, AT&T, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, NVIDIA and more. 

Bug bounties are a standard practice in cybersecurity that has yet to find footing in the algorithmic bias community. While initial one-off events demonstrated enthusiasm for bounties, Bias Buccaneers is the first nonprofit intended to create ongoing Mutinies, collaborate with technology companies, and pave the way for transparent and reproducible evaluations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

Outlined in the latest NIST AI Risk Management Framework, Algorithmic Bias Bounties™ should be a part of any gold-star algorithmic ethics program. Our long term vision is to create expertise, standards, and verifiable talent in a nascent, but rapidly growing, field. Armed with the guidance and frameworks developed by our partner, AVID, our ‘bias hackers’, or "Crew", will be well-equipped to tackle future challenges in this area --be it as part of the broader AI ethics community or as leaders and contributors in organizational efforts.

Image by Jakob Rosen
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